Make it Colourful

Make it Colourful

From mundane to magical

Use your creativity to turn mundane, everyday activities into cherished memories. Looking back it is often the small things in life that become the big things. Let us help you make every day colourful, meaningful and magical.


Humidity control for longer freshness in taste and texture.


Once only used for storing jams and pickles, mason jars have recently found a whole new purpose. As a stylish and adult version of a lunchbox. Practical and beautiful - they are easier to clean than plastic containers, better for the environment and very convenient to store in both your bag and your fridge. Thanks to their timeless looks they make even the simplest salad look like a work of art.

Taste the unexpected

Be careful of what you throw away when cooking. What some might consider waste can be the source of amazing taste. Try to use all parts of your ingredients and be a zero-waste cook. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it makes for unexpected and exciting dishes you can share.

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    Potato skin crisps

    Potato skins are often discarded when preparing potatoes. Instead, roast them in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil and pinch of salt. Treat your guests to a delicious, crispy pre-dinner snack.

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    Beetroot leaf pesto

    Beetroot leaves are very nutritious, being a great source of both Vitamin A and K. Give them a quick blanche and then mix with basil, a garlic clove, pine nuts, olive oil and a pinch of salt to make a mild and delicious pesto.

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    Broccoli stem salad

    Save your stems! Far from the lesser half of broccoli, the stems are just as nutritious as the florets. Slice the stalks thin with a sharp vegetable peeler and toss with your favourite salad ingredients. 

Share what you create

With our plancha grill for induction hobs you can make and share amazing dishes - from hob-to-table. Letting your guests plate their own food off a hot plancha is a relaxed and delightful way to enjoy a meal.

Rainbow Bagels

Add a splash of colour to your mornings by baking rainbow bagels. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, the rainbow bagel actually tastes like a normal plain bagel so they pair with any type of topping. Traditionally bagels are boiled in water to set their crust before baking - with a steam oven you can skip this complicated step while still producing a delicious crust.