The Secret to Great Taste

The Secret to Great Taste

Take your favourite dish

And make it even tastier

Not many people know that the secret to great taste isn't just the ingredients, but the tools that you use. Our appliances deliver the technology of professional chefs in the comfort of your own kitchen. So you can make the seemingly impossible, deliciously possible.

Cook the impossible

An apple a day

Apples come in more than 7500 varieties with different shapes colour, sizes and flavour. Firm fleshed apples that are also sharp in taste work best in salads while apples with soft, floury flesh are easily stewed for great apple sauce. For that mouth-watering apple pie you want sweet, semi-firm fleshed apples which are perfect for baking. Use a steam oven to guarantee a delicious crust and flavourful filling.

made with a steam oven

With just the right amount of steam at the touch of a button, your results will look and taste bakery fresh.

Baking with steam

With a touch of steam, baking becomes a piece of cake. Professional bakeries use steam for amazing results and now you can too. Adding steam for the first 15 minutes of baking encourages your mixture to rise and keeps the interior light and fluffy. Dry heat then provides mouthwatering colour and just the right crisp.

Fresh salmon fillets with herbs

Sublime Salmon

There's a secret to cooking salmon with a perfect, crispy skin. After all, you still want to taste the freshness of the fish on top. And you still want a delicious flake to your fillet. That combination of textures and flavours is enough to leave anyone wanting seconds - even if it means no room for dessert. That secret is to master the heat with an induction hob.

The Electrolux Infinite Combi induction hob
Made with an induction hob

Responsive induction temperature controls can take you from sear to simmer in an instant

Two delicious salmon steaks frying on an induction hob

What makes induction great?

More powerful than other hobs, induction makes it easy to get whatever cookware you use intensely hot. So your salmon begins to crisp immediately. The technology is also incredibly responsive. You can precisely control the temperature and adjustments can be made with ease. So you can keep your fillets at full flakiness and full deliciousness.

A dish of delicately seared tuna
Infinite™ Combi hob

This hob gives you the freedom to cook your way with any size pots and pans

The Infinite Combi induction hob

Complete creative freedom

Express your culinary creativity with our Infinite™ Combi induction hob. The FreeZone cooking surface lets you place any sized pan wherever you want. So whether delicately searing tuna in a pan or steaming a salmon in a giant fish kettle, the heat adjusts to the size of your cookware for the best results. 

Chicken roasted in an Electrolux steam oven

Game-changing chicken 

There's a way to get maximum flavour from your roast chicken. A method that'll make you wish it would last just one more mouthful. Each bite is a perfect complement of juiciness and crispiness. And every last morsel is packed with flavoursome nutrients and vitamins. For a healthier, tastier and memorable roast chicken, you need a combination of steam and heat.

A succulent steamed piece of chicken
An Electrolux steam oven
Made with a steam oven

Adding steam to your cooking makes your meat tenderer, your bread fluffier and your fish flakier.

Chicken roasting perfectly in a steam oven

What makes steam special?

Because steam ovens use steam and conventional heat you get a marvellous mix of tastes and textures. The steam keeps your chicken succulent, while the heat gives you a golden brown crisp. Plus it's more gentle, so it protects nutrients and vitamins to boost flavour. With the right oven, great taste is easy: just add steam.

Summer sweet strawberries

Nothing tastes more summery than a juicy strawberry. But how do you keep it that way? For longer lasting freshness, our TwinTech® fridge freezers maintain the ideal temperature to preserve flavour. So you can be sure your strawberry desserts will be bursting with just-picked taste everytime 

Lock in the nutrients

Using the best cooling system not only locks in flavour, but the goodness of strawberries too. So you'll keep important nutrients like vitamin C.

A sweet and colourful raspberry tart
CombiSteam Pro oven

Enhance the flavours you love with the most advanced steam functions

The CombiSteam Pro oven

Delicious dishes made easy 

Whether you’re roasting meat or creating delicate desserts, CombiSteam Pro takes your favourite meals to the next level. The steam programmes make it simple to get complex flavours and textures out of every ingredient. With our best oven yet you can bring amazing dishes to the table for everyone to enjoy.

Potato wedges steam roasted with herbs

Prize-winning potatoes

Steamed, mashed, baked, fried...potatoes are as delicious as they are versatile. But to achieve that glorious, fluffy centre with a satisfyingly crispy skin, you can't beat steam baking. Roast any variety in a steam oven with plenty of herbs and a few cloves of garlic and you'll have mastered this all-time favourite. 

A delicious potato salad mixed with mayonnaise, herbs and red onion
A range of different types of potato
Top tip

Steam roasting potatoes in their skins is the perfect way to lock in nutrients like B6 and potassium.

Bowls of different types of Quinoa

A very talented grain

Grown for 4,000 years on the slopes of the Andes, quinoa is a superfood in every sense of the word. It’s high in fibre, and packs in all nine essential amino acids. It can be fluffy or crunchy. Sweet or nutty. It can play a starring role in a soft, fruit-filled dessert, or provide subtle balance to a fragrant roasted fish.

Fruit porridge made with quinoa
Quinoa cooking on a induction hob

But quinoa can be challenging for a chef – the only way to guarantee a perfect texture is to control the heat with an induction hob.

Delicious and rich brownies

What makes induction great?

Induction puts the power in your hands, so it’s easy to get your cookware to intensely hot temperatures. Perfect for popping quinoa to include in your own brownies, or for keeping it warm but not overcooked while you finesse your dish.